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Snapchat Can Now Identify Objects And Suggests Filters

Snapchat Can Now Identify Objects And Suggests Filters
  • Snapchat is now using a new object recognition system to identify the image and serves the users with relevant filters.
  • For an instance, if a dog is pictured, Snapchat will choose a filter that says”it’s pawty”, and for images of food it might say “what diet”?
  • The filters began rolling out last week but the full list of filters is yet to be known. So far users have seen pets, food and destinations like beach filters.
  • Filters are definitely a revenue source for Snapchat, so it is trying it’s best to make them accessible to all the users.
  • The new filters build on the object identification which is inbuilt into the app. So you can search for objects or stories to find relevant snaps.
  • If you want to try out the new filters, try clicking a picture of relevant category. If you don’t have relevant picture try searching in Google images and then snapping a picture of your screen.
  • The new feature is not yet available for all and will be rolling out to everyone soon.

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